The Statement

I am fascinated by the presentation of extremity and dichotomous thinking in creative fields. Last semester my project interpreted the “all” part with brutal erotism and art of cruelty; this semester I am expanding my project into the “nothing” part. The core question of the project is how the existence of void and nothingness in space and time, are understood and represented through creative and artistic ways? I am taking a deep look into both physical and conceptual space that there is no longer within any measurement, but only infinity. The concept of void makes human beings reduce to nothing, yet it is not a destructive process, but a creative one. In the current days of growing isolation and detachment, the existence of space beyond our comprehension offers an escape from reality, into a state of sublime. My project explores the very essence of the form itself, which is purified to be as close as emptiness, or too overwhelming to comprehend. Through the lenses of multiple artists across different media, I have curated a visually strong, graphically unique story to narrate the known and confront people’s unknown. My goal is to challenge our preconceived ideas about cruelty, extremity as well as unsettlement through a designers’ lenses. My senior thesis is pronounced on curatorial style, combining with my own artistic skills, supporting with philosophical theories of visual arts. The final presentation is a demonstration of the power of graphic design in the practice of curation on modern art.

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