A Tiny Piece of Me.

I graduated from Parsons School of Design, with a BFA degree in Communication Design. I come to study abroad in the U.S since 2012. My hometown is Shanghai, China. 

I am a visual designer, an artist, a content creator, an art enthusiast, and a freediver.

Besides my educational experience at Parsons, I also devote myself to building one of the best private art collections of the “Mono-ha” movement.

I have one cat that I rescued from NYC streets. My family has three big dogs.

To describe myself in one sentence: “I am ever-flowing, without becoming.”


Summer intern @ Pearl Lam Galleries (SH, HK)

Gallery Assistant @ The Armory Show 2019

​Part-time student @ Sotheby's Institute of Art (NY)


I paint & draw.

I photograph (both traditional and digital).

I do InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop.

I write about contemporary art, I also collect art.

I free-dive.